Jeremy Cays

Owner, Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist

Jeremy Cays

Having been born into a very musical family, Jeremy Cays was drawn to the piano as a toddler and began formal lessons at the age of 5. While learning scales, exercises, and classical music, Jeremy was also developing his ear for music, often mimicking melodies he would hear in movies, on TV, and at church. Soon he began creating his own versions of popular songs and his own compositions as well. This eventually became his debut album, "A New Journey", recorded at Triad Studios in Seattle, and released in 1998 at the age of 17. 

Jeremy attended Edmonds Community College to take additional music theory and digital music courses. The plan was to move on to a 4-year school and major in composition, but Jeremy opted instead to start a recording studio in his hometown of Sequim, WA. While working at Hurricane Coffee Co., Jeremy purchased enough equipment to start a small home studio where he recorded his second and third albums, "Reflections of Christmas" and "In the Quiet Moments".

In 2005, Jeremy's studio went public and was located inside Paul M Creech Pianos in Sequim. In 2008, the studio moved to its current location in Carlsborg and has been growing steadily, including a recent upgrade in equipment, software, and virtual instruments. Over the last 10 years, Jeremy has worked as producer, engineer, arranger, and studio musician on numerous recording projects spanning nearly every genre of music. 


  • Mixing

  • Producing/Arranging

  • Piano

Michael Rivers

Executive Producer, Vocal Coach, Multi-Instrumentalist


Michael Rivers earned a Bachelor of Music Ed. at Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, and was a scholarship recipient at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.  He studied singing and songwriting at Berklee as a student in their Professional Music program. Michael currently works as an executive producer on recording projects, as a vocal coach, as the director of the Peninsula Men’s Gospel Singers and as a touring and performing Gospel singer-songwriter.

Michael has actively participated in 14 recording projects as an executive producer. In this role, he helps make the whole process smoother, keeps the project on budget and on time, and usually saves the clients money in the long run. Additionally, his musical skill becomes an invaluable part of making sure the music ends up in its best form. 

"Every project that Michael has executive produced has been smoother, faster, and of better quality. Our working relationship is very effective and I have come to rely on Michael's candor with respect to musical decisions and general feedback, which always improves the quality of the music in the end. You can't go wrong, you should definitely make him part of your project." -Jeremy Cays


  • Project Management

  • Vocal Arranging

  • Producing

David Rivers

Graphic Designer, Guitarist

An Alumni of Berklee College of Music, David Isaac Rivers is a freelance graphic designer, artist, & worship pastor for Calvary Chapel Sequim. 

Completely self-taught as a graphic artist, David has created hundreds of promotional material for musicians and events across the Olympic Peninsula for the last 5 years. With an uncanny knack for branding, & a passion for creating arresting visual media, David is an indispensable resource for musician’s hoping to create a successful project. 

Additionally, David is a very gifted songwriter and arranger. His care in delivering a clear message through beautifully-crafted melodies is rare and refreshing. His skill on an acoustic guitar, banjo, or mandolin is also noteworthy. These attributes make him yet another resource for musicians or songwriters looking to get the very best out of their songs. 


  • Graphic Design

  • Songwriting/Lyrics

  • Guitar