The Best Digital Equipment

We proudly use the Universal Audio Apollo as our “front end”, which means you get high-resolution music production with classic analog sound capabilities. Paired with the Universal Audio 4-710d 4-Channel Preamp and powered by a beastly Apple Mac Pro, our Sequim recording studio is prepared to give you the most professional audio production around. To see a full list of all our equipment, check out our gear page.

This is our control room, which features lots of fun gear...and a leather reclining sofa (not pictured...but it's there, honest).

Our Space

The tracking room is 13 x 24, including a small isolation booth for vocals, guitar amps, etc. There is also a small room adjacent to the control room that can be configured for an additional amp or iso booth. We have several modular acoustic panels that can be used for separation of multiple musicians in the room.

The control room is 12' x 19' and features a comfortable reclining sofa, an 88-key weighted-action controller keyboard, a synth action 61-key controller keyboard and control surface, and lots of other gear!

This is our wall of fame. We hope to see your album or EP up here soon!

Here is our tracking room. We have it setup in our "mic stations" configuration here. This is where you move from mic to mic throughout your performance.

Another view of the tracking room, from next to the isolation booth (not pictured)

Standard RATE: $65/hr

Special Discounts Available. Ask for details.