5 Reasons You Need a Producer

  1. With a good producer, your music will reach its full potential.
    This is probably the epitome of what a producer does. Producers have a variety of skills, but the ability to refine music until it reaches its “zen” moment is arguably the most valuable. Whether you’re a band or a solo songwriter, your music can always improve. A good producer has the ear – and the mind – to help bring your songs to the next level. 
  2. Producers have a great deal of recording experience, which will help make your project smoother and yield better results.
    In other words, a producer has your best interests at heart and has the knowledge and skill to help you reach your goals. Producers make their living off of overseeing recording projects, which means they’ve gone through the process many times. With so much involved in turning your individual songs into a commercially-successful product (and a product you’re happy with!), it would be wise to utilize the wealth of knowledge a good producer has to offer.
  3. Producers typically have connections to other professionals in the music industry.
    Whether it’s studio musicians, promoters, venue owners, or agents, producers can usually connect you with people in the industry that can help your music reach a broader audience. This is a valuable commodity that’s hard to come by.
  4. Producers help you stay on budget (sometimes even saving you money).
    This is often an overlooked aspect of recording. Producers have a much better idea how much things will cost than you do and if you hire a good one, they’ll be looking for ways of saving you money. A lot of it comes down to planning, preparation, and good decision making but there are other tricks producers can employ that will dramatically cut down on the cost of your project.
  5. Collaboration is more fun!
    Working alone on a song is often necessary. But working alone on song after song can be draining. Collaborating with a skilled musician/arranger (most producers are both) can breathe new life into songs you only wrote half of…and others you thought were finished. Generating ideas back and forth not only provides the best opportunity to end up with a killer song…it’s also just a lot of fun.