Mark Baldwin
Acoustic and Electric Guitars - $100-200/song

In addition to being a busy session player, Mark has spent over 20 years perfecting the art of recording in his home studio. A master at his craft, Mark not only creates guitar parts which perfectly complement the song but does it with fantastic tone, whether on acoustic or electric guitars. Having worked with Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Michael W. Smith and many more, Mark is well versed in basically every style of music and will craft a part that suits your song perfectly. For more info, check out his website here.

Troy Engle 1

Troy Engle
Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Banjo - $70/song (first instrument); $40/song (add'l instruments)

Troy is a Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, studio musician, and composer. As a studio musician, Troy has excellent range and flexibility. He consistently offers multiple options to choose from with all his parts, making it easy to get specifically what we want. Plus, he's an all-around nice guy and really easy to work with! Check out his website here.


Carl Albrecht
Drums - $250/song

Carl has been a professional tour and session drummer for over 30 years. He has played with such artists as Paul Baloche, Kathryn Scott, Leanne Rimes, and many more. With a Bachelors of Music Degree in Composition and Arranging, Carl is much more than just a "drummer". He has a vision for music that goes well beyond drums, making the parts he creates just right for each piece of music. You can't go wrong with this guy. For more info on Carl, click here.


Jason Taylor
Bass Guitar - $50/hr (usually 1-3hrs per song)

A longtime friend of the studio's, Jason is easily our first choice for bass guitar. His technical skill matched with his creative approach are certainly a winning combo in the studio. He is well-versed in multiple genres and responds incredibly well to in-session changes. And his basses sound REALLY nice.


Dillan Witherow
Electric and Acoustic Guitars - $50/hr (usually 1-3 hrs per song)

Dillan is currently writing, performing, and recording original music with his band, Witherow. But with a new home studio, he is now able to do session work quickly and easily, having worked on developing great tones on both electric and acoustic guitars. He is magical on lead guitar and can do some very impressive things on an acoustic guitar. He is an excellent choice for either!


Noelle Johnson
Backing Vocals - $50/hr

Noelle is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, as well as a brilliant photographer! Perhaps her greatest asset in the recording studio, however, is her ability to create perfect backing vocals. A natural at creating unique layers of "oohs", "aahs", and the like, she also has an uncanny ability to perfectly match the lead singer's tone, timing, inflections, and vowel pronunciations...all of which help create harmonies that blend beautifully and keep the focus on the lead singer. We highly recommend her for any backing vocal needs you have for your project!


Marlene Moore
Cello - $50/hr

With over 50 years of experience and having taught cello for over 35 years, Marlene is an excellent resource as a session cellist. Uniquely, she is both classically trained and skilled as an improviser, making her an ideal person to work with in the studio. Our experience with Marlene has been nothing but positive and we highly recommend her for any cello needs your recording might have. Marlene has recently released her own CD, "At Heaven's Doorstep", recorded here at JCP. Check it out:


More coming soon!