We'll start with a (free) consultation which will help us decide which production option is right for you. If you have a basic demo of your song (even on your phone), this will help give Jeremy an idea which direction to go with the production.

The prices below are PER SONG and include all recording, editing, and mixing. Producing and mastering are not included.

Economy: $385 (7 - 10 hours)

Designed for projects on a tight budget, this will provide a simple but well-crafted song. Intended to be completed within a single day.

Basic: $590 (11 - 15 hours)

The basic option allows us to add a little depth to your song and to take more time in crafting it to perfection.

Full: $880 (16 - 23 hours)

This is the best option for those who want a full, professional sound but don't intend to go "pro" with their release. Allows for 2 to 3 full days from start to finish.

Please note: This audio example also included an additional orchestration fee (see below), bringing the total to $1000

Pro: $1400 (up to 35 hours!)

Our top offering, this choice will provide top-level commercial productions. Whether you want a full album of pro material or you have that one song that has the most potential and calls for an extra investment, this option will yield extremely awesome tracks that will most likely exceed your expectations.

Orchestration (optional): $200-500

Don’t have the money for a live orchestra but want the "epicness" that they provide? Have Jeremy build a realistic-sounding virtual orchestration that brings your music to a whole other level. Using the best orchestral samples available in the industry, you will be shocked at the realism of these virtual strings, brass, and/or woodwinds. See below for a few examples of his work.

Please note, Orchestration can be used in 3 ways:

  • Included in the above packages (depending on the song and arrangement)
  • Added separately onto projects apart from Song Development
  • Added on top of a Song Development package for an additional fee

Above is an example of a string orchestra being added to a pop arrangement. In this case, the orchestration was included in a "Pro" song development package.

This is an example where the entire accompanyment was created by Jeremy using his virtual orchestra (we like to call it the "Carlsborg Virtual Orchestra"). 

From Scratch Tracks to Full Productions: Audio Examples

Listen to the difference between a song in its early stages and the same song produced and mixed at Jeremy Cays Productions. 

In the first example ("Call Me Home: Before and After"), the first section of audio is what the client sent to us to use as scratch tracks. The 2nd section is the final version of the song, after all production and mixing. 


And in the next example, we go back and forth between the client-recorded original scratch tracks and our final produced version.

Check out our "FAQ" page for more details and lots of helpful information!

Example project with audio examples

Here's how the process works, using a client's song as an example...


This is the process of "refining" the structure of the song. This can include removing sections, adding sections, changing or moving lyrics, changing chords, and more. In the case of this client, we made some changes to the lyrics and added an instrumental section with a different chord progression. We also modified some of the picking/strumming patterns in her guitar part. This process can go very quickly or take quite a while, depending on how much you've refined your song on your own.


Once the structure of the song is finalized, we lay down scratch tracks. Scratch tracks are quickly-recorded tracks that are used for arranging purposes and are eventually replaced by the "real" performances. Scratch tracks are most often recorded to a click track. If you aren't used to playing with a metronome, start practicing now; it will save a lot of time in the studio! For this project, after deciding on a tempo, she laid down both her guitar and vocal scratch tracks. 


At this point, we consider what instrumentation the song calls for. If you've thought about this ahead of time, this process can go much faster. In this case, she wanted to add djembe, bass, and piano. Additionally, I introduced strings, acoustic drums, and mandolin as possibilities. Due to limited time - and because we were happy with the result without it - we ended up scrapping the mandolin. Before proceeding to the next phase, we experimented with these ideas to make sure we were both pleased with the strategy we laid out for the song.


This is the fun part! Depending on the project, we might start adding instruments to the previously-recorded scratch tracks or we might lay down a final guitar or piano part first. In this example, we recorded the final acoustic guitar tracks first and added the rest of the instruments to that. When adding the support instruments myself, I usually like to work independently and here's why. It's easy for your ears to get "worn down" while picking samples, deciding on a specific drum beat, listening to take after take, etc. We usually get a much better result if I do most of that on my own and then have you listen to it with fresh ears. That is how my client and I worked together. Once I finished each part, I emailed it to her to listen to as many times as she needed in order to fully realize her opinions and reply decisively. This was much more efficient than trying to make on-the-spot decisions in the studio.


When we're happy with all the tracks we've laid down, it's time to get it mixed. Again, it usually works best for me to work independently and then let you listen with fresh ears. Once we perfect the mix, we will send it to a mastering engineer who specializes in this process. This is a very important step which many people are not aware of. For more info on mixing and mastering click here.

Song Development - Audio Examples

Below are 3 examples of the song mentioned above, one for each of the 3 tiers of production we offer. Every project is different and varies quite a bit...but this should give you a general idea of the kind of sound (really, number of tracks) you'll get at each tier of production. 

To purchase Hannah Middleton's "Waiting For You" on CDBaby, click here